I heard a stretcher sound

Episode 2(The End)

8:20 AM

Now the old man notices Vishnu’s eyes.”Is he crying???Am i made him to feel for my son’s life???No.No,No,,,This can’t be my fault.I just made him to feel for the value of his life.Now i can’t stop looking for him!!!!”
I feel i can’t rise the accelerator because this is the soul me caught in it.Can someone do such things for others life may be for his own son.His is at mid forties but how dare he drives a bike for so much kilometers.I cant stop struggling with this,the almighty god why is this happening to me???May be my pain is spreading out to the heart.The movement of my eyeballs are fixed with this man,my friend keeps on saying something but i cant hear his words.
There is a light flashing my eyes,its an ambassador just at 20 feet.i cant move either side,i know this is the end of my useless life.
Oh my god!!!What is he doing?Is he going to die?Oh no,this is,this is something, something different.This is the same feeling of that day,i can see what’s going to happen.No,No,,,I am not in a position to help him.

Vishnu murmurs “I know this,i am getting hit…”

8:25 AM

“He is flying in front of me and his hands hitting at the road.I am running to get him but he is rolling on the road.Finally i get his hands.I am not a doctor but i could feel his pulse is going down”

The old man’s inner heart cried out of pain.

Vishnu is resting his head on the old man’s lap and seeing his eyes with a blur.He is not sure about his eyes.The old man looks like his dad with the statement of printed words on his T shirt.

He seems losing his blood.So he could not see properly.He knows there is a huge noise around him.

8:28 AM

Vishnu’s mind revolving around the situation,”I don’t know what happened to my friend?He should be alive,”
Still his deeper thoughts are running inside him.”Losing conscious with his words hearing in my ear”

The old man sensitively cried out by saying”Don’t die son,nothing will take you away from this life” and murmured with tears.

“My memories coincides with this happening,I was telling the exact words to my son when he fell down”

My eyes started to shred tears.My heart says to look at his friend but he seems to be alright with some minor injuries.

My emotions are out of control and i was shouting”Please someone help”.
The ambulance arriving at the right time seems to be blessed which is a mere opposite for my son.

The young boy’s mother comes to the hospital crying for his son.
I am asking her to calm down as there is no one to make him calm.
I peeped out at the emergency ward and sees his face struggling for his life
I am trying to wipe out the tears without closing my eyes.

I am sitting on the hospital chair with the pain in my heart resembling my only son.My son was active in sports instead of studies.I never questioned my son for being negative at studies.But i remembered my son about the importance of getting knowledgeable.He used to smile every time when he wakes up from bed.He grew up as the remembrance of  myself.

JAN 11 2015

I couldn’t forgot that day,the last day of my son leaving the house at the time around 7.30AM.During the departure he turns towards me and made a smile.I was little bit surprised of his sudden smile and asked him with a polite manner”Did you need any money?”.
He replied that he doesn’t need money.I too smiled and inserted an amount of hundred in his pocket.He sat on his vehicle and said about his departure.
His mom warned him for not wearing the helmet.But he refused to wear it and placed it over the tank.
The fucking mouth of mine supported him by saying no one will catch you.He again smiled at me,which is totally a different feeling at that time.He drove his fz numbered 0077 from Udumalpet to Pollachi for attending his college classes.


My phone rang with his name on the display.I attended it and my heart beat raised within few seconds.
I rushed to the spot searching for him.I couldn’t see his face,he was dead already.His head is crushed under a lorry.
I doesn’t know,what to do?I felt the pain after so many years.My mind was full of him,went for searching his head.I was shouting at the road as if he is alive.
After sometime,I returned to the hospital walking like a dead man who lost everything.
Me and my wife started to cry.Everyone tried to calm us but we are not in a time to listen them.

I heard a stretcher sound in a long veranda and his body is fully covered with a white sheet.I ran over to my son but the relatives kept hold of me.I know,its all over.My precious times are over.The bad feeling that comes to my mind is,”Its all my fault,i should have compelled him about proper driving”

Every time i blink,i could see his last smile which i could never forget.

JAN 11 2016

The doctors came out.
I became nervous,i started to cry silently.
The same pain which i got on that day.
I know i doesn’t need to cry.
I know it will be alright.
I know god is with him.
I know he is alive.

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