My life gets better….

Sometimes i don’t ask sorry,never said thanks,never cried on their shoulders but my life changed completely when i started to realize the beauty of those friends around me.I think,i never helped anyone to become something big but they still helps me.I ain’t someone who is big on my life,As you all know that i am a person who is full of expectancy means expecting something from my friends/parents.

So I believed that my freedom exists out of my home.But there was a plenty of restrictions for my outside time that even i couldn’t  happily/peacefully enjoy wherever i went off.My time limit is the school/college timing for my peaceful mindset.I am a cricket addict at my school and never missed watching a match.Played a lot of Kho-Kho in which i got injured as many times as possible.They encouraged me,they gave me right comments,sometimes a pat on my shoulder did few right things.

I am saying all this because i earned them from the above struggles.The quality i adopted from them is more intense and i am emotionally attached to those intense feelings.Sharing my struggles and my feelings(some times sad and sometimes happy) with them made the bonding stronger.Sometimes i learnt respect,sometimes humanity but my learning continues whenever i meet new friends.From the bottom of my heart,I wish that i should support them in a way that is possible to step their successful feet.I took this post to thank every single person who helped me to earn something that i got for myself.

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