Try to wake(not from dream) but from your sudden asleep

This is such a long time since i posted.So i decided to keep it in a short manner.I just wonder about myself because i fell asleep whenever i try to over concentrate on something.For example reading a book,thinking deeply.So as usual i decided to google about my problem and i just found out few interesting things for making me active.I hope there are so many of them with this problem.But this makes it simpler.

  • Go mobile. Reading on our smart phones, laptops or tablets helps to keep eyes dilated, alert and focused. Being online usually requires more interaction so our bodies are less likely to shut down and enter into energy saving mode.
  • Multi-tasking reading. If you’re dozing off while reading, you’re likely a multi-tasker and your body is used to doing several things at once to keep energized and awake. Try mutli-tasking when reading—like taking notes while reading a textbook, listen to music while taking in a good book, or ride a stationary bike while skimming through a magazine.
  • Take breaks and digest. Read small sections at a time, then take a break, think about what you read so it sticks, and then go back and read another small section. It will take more time to get through a book but this method will help keep you awake, while still consuming the information.
  • Keep your head up. With books and electronics, we tend to look down to read, which relaxes our bodies and slows our breathing, helping us drift off to sleep. Try reading at eye level, keeping your chin level with the ground, to stay alert.
  • Stay active. Reading usually takes a lot of work from your eyes and brain, but not so much from the rest of your body. To help you body stay awake, tap your foot or hand, shake your leg, or chew a piece of gum to stay active and occupied while reading.
  • Embrace noise and light. Read in a setting that is almost distracting—just enough to keep you awake, but not enough to actually distract you from your reading! Make sure your reading area is well lit, and there is an element of background noise to keep your mind and body alert. 

    Many websites suggested to consult a doctor because of some sleeping disease.But i don’t want to do that and found the above points very useful.

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